There is no doubt that a HOME* can be a very special place apart of being a functional living tool.

It can be like a magnifying glass, and also like a reducing lens of memories…history. Love…. emotions…feelings…

It is a small world, so it can easily be a petty one. It can be easily divorced from every day PRACTICAL COMON routine boring life.


On the other hand, while we live less and less in villages or neighborhoods, and more and more in open-ended GLOBAL communities, the HOME* stays the same place… the family members..;”THE PLAYERS “ THE SIZE..IS MORE or less the same. still it is as it has always been.

SO, it can narrow life down. it narrows it in many ways. 

It is always hard for anyone to have one single aim in Life – at HOME* , however, the goal can be clear…visible…with its unmistakable demands, we can introduce vision, energy and dedication with consideration of its needs…


Furthermore, apparently, in society in general the role of art is nebulous. Most people could live perfectly well without any art at all _ and even if they regretted its absence it would not block their functioning in any way. But at HOME*…if we consider people living in it with the least human, basic, needs, gestures, the simplest performance in it, no dought it can be an artistic one…why can’t we introduce at home a certain matters of pitch and pace, intonation and rhythm, position, distance, mood, sent, sound, color and shape as the most sophisticated.

The hight of the table, the position of the chair, the texture of the fabric, the brightness of the light, the quality of emotion, matter all the time. The aesthetics should be a part of our practical life.

It would be wrong to say or consider this too artistic and not realistic not practical…HOME* is a place where it can reflect life while being lived…reflect vision while being seen…. reflect emotions while being felt.

This reflection of Life cannot be relived for a moment without a working system based on observing certain values and making value judgments. A chair is moved up or down, because its better so, the walls are wrong- making them thicker makes them right – the words “better” “worse” “not good enough” “are very important in our daily life. They make the better…the beautiful…the harmonious.

They make the un-named standards of each one’s beauty. The uniqueness of the function is that it offers something that cannot be found easily.


There is an interesting difference between cinema and HOME*. The cinema flashes on to a screen images from the past. As this is what the mind does to itself all the time through life, the cinema seems intimately real. Of course its not but its a satisfying and enjoyable extension of the unreality of everyday perception. THE LIFE AT HOME* on the other hand, always asserts itself in the present. This is what can make it more real than the normal. This also is what can make it so disturbing.


Imagine all the people start living with a similar system on a daily base, with constant search of beauty, harmony, balance and love. Imagine in a city they all live with this constant energy of perfection,

What a living event that creates positive energy…this can evoke future living confrontations from which brilliant states of minds results…. a unique intensity…


As a designer and as I work, as I continue searching within our decaying, evolving political systems…each experience will make these ideas…conclusions inconclusive again! It is impossible to assess the function of living concept…theory…model…. so if anyone were to try to use my words about HOME* as a manual, i can definitly warn him _ there are no formulas: there are no methods. I can describe an exercise or a technique, but anyone who attempts to reproduce them from my description is certain to be disappointed. I would undertake to teach anyone all that I know about HOME* rules and technique in a few hours. The rest is practice _ and that cannot be done alone. We can just attempt to follow this to a limited degree if we examine the preparation of any HOME* project.


To elevate our perception in life

We need consciousness

We need the practice of intellectual systems

We need to change

We need to change

We need to change.


Karim Mekhtigian

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