The fruitful cooperation between Karim Mekhtigian and the  internationally acclaimed designer Christophe Pillet has borne many fruits in the past. Check out his updates on recent projects and achievements. 


Why did you decide to become a designer ? 

I did not « decide »… I believe it happened very casually.

What inspires you in life ?

Everything !! Event the most ordinary, or pointless things can become a main source of inspiration.

Do you have a specific design concept/technique that you follow ?

Yes, starting from scratch on any project, trying to forget everything I did before.

You have covered various design areas such as homes, products , lighting, office spaces, and furniture. Is there a common link between the different design processes ?

One of the most pleasant purposes of design is to express its ideal environment so that people live better and I consider every project and creation as a part of the puzzle of this environment : a spoon, a rug, an apartment, a car, everything converges towards a same vision of the environment.

Having worked in different parts of the world, what challenges did you face ? Was the indigenous culture reflected in the respective design ? 

Working with different cultures it is to notice how much we are full of prejudices and ignorance and how much the world is ” bigger than one “. Even if I am not sure that the native culture is reflected in projects, the open-mindedness and the freedom given by these new openings enriches clearly the qualities of the project and offers a scale superior to the expression of this project.

You worked with Alchemy /Karim Mekhtigian in Egypt. What can you share about your experiences there ? Your impressions about the Egyptian design culture /scene ?

What is amazing with collaboration with Mekhtidgian and local designers is the quantity of energy and optimism involved, regarding more established countries which in fact become lazy, self-sufficient and sometimes lacking enthusiasm and light.

What advice would you give young aspiring designers ?

Leave me still some time and don’t bury me too quickly.

What would you share with the reader about the importance of a home ? 

Above all, home must reflect your peculiarity or singularity, more than copying some trendy magazine points of view.

Design awards have decorated your design career, are you particularly proud of one of them ? If yes, why ?

My mother certainly is  

Your worked with the icon Philippe Stark for 5 years , what can you tell us about your work with him during 1988-1993 ? 

Very fine memories of these years. We were like a rock-and-roll group touring together.

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