The So Called “ Creative Chaos “ …

dedicated to Mortadella Rice…

What is the link between creativity and the Egyptian phenomenon ?

This Note is intended to be a mere reflection of some questions that have been existing in my head about the “Egyptian phenomenon “ . It is not necessarily my aim to seek straight answers but I see it as a moment to questions motivations and intentions of those who arrogantly claim to know more about us than ourselves.

It is amazing nowadays ….how nations , politicians and others are capable to plan and decide about other nations’ fate without having any in depth knowledge of their cultural and historical fabric which influences each country’s development and its people .

The “Egyptian phenomenon ? “ … It is directly related to the environment which represents a very important element for a creative person as the impact and expression is derived from the environment and returned to it in some form.

KYME which is the ancient name of Egypt means the “Black Land” referring to its fertile valley and delta . Every year the Nile river flood used to inundate the land causing it to rise leaving behind a deposit of rich soil .

KYME is also the root of the word “Al Kymia” , the quest for transformation through division and unification of elements, contraction and expansion of matter ; which also corresponds to the state of Egyptian lands during the Nile flood as the country underwent dissolution to eventually be re-crystallized in a new form.

KYME stands as well for Egypt’s new design identity that was introduced at the Milan furniture fair in 2009. The innovative and implemented reforms reshaped the manufacturing/design sector and exhibited the promising results of that endeavor.

The topographic reality of our country reflects on our people’s behavior and therefore its creativity.

Inspired from the chaos that surrounds us – we realize that there is a multiplicity everywhere in our multilayered background . The pressure created by its superposition of cultures generates a dynamic energy which is fueled by the synergy of its components.

“Every explicit chaos is an implicit unity”

Multilayered expressions gave birth to a comprehensive work which is inspired from the country’s morphology, nature , local stories as well as the past, present and future.

Interestingly enough, just after the so called “corrupted regime ‘s initiative” to capitalize on creativity and design as engines of economic development for a whole sector , Egypt managed to make steady steps towards innovation and secured a presence on the international design stage. We were trying to provide the opportunity for many Egyptian manufacturers and designers to blend in a unique form and initiated a quiet industrial revolution many years before the “Arab spring “ was launched as the revolution.

The “creative chaos” which was carefully planned, orchestrated and launched under the label of the “Arab spring” by those who chose attractive labels for their embarrassingly insufficient knowledge about us, proved to be a failing concept.

The West, as so often in history, created a brand identity for a plan which carried a great label but was void of any meaning as it failed to grasp the nature of the Egyptian phenomenon.

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