Looking back , I must have doubtlessly felt the urge at some point to produce “creative” work. At the tender age of twelve years , I had begun to sketch buildings and cities . My imagination carried me to write complete film scenarios in my mind…. at a later stage other activities such as photography , painting became important for  my “creativity” playground .

We all must have tried ourselves at such activities : PAINT- ACT-COMPOSE

The practical use of those activities is really nothing more than a pretext. 

The true source is a kind of creative passion that one is born with,  just as “faith” was the motivational “reason” to build the greatest monuments of all time, the Pyramids.

In my opinion, people  who never engaged in building or creating any work of art, through   architecture, design or even just by designing a simple wall, spend their lives without what constitutes the full meaning of being “alive” , to simply letting the creativity run wild and explore the outcome. Those people live in the shadow of themselves , not inside. Creativity’s well are feelings. 

A genuine work of design is one which surpasses the initial intentions of a designer , a creation that lives in unlimited imagination and extends beyond any messages or ideologies. That universal freedom of imagination is what gives design the cutting edge.


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