Alchemy Design Studio partners with D-CAF 2013 to create a state of the art press centre in the heart of Downtown Cairo

 Like D-CAF, Alchemy Design Studio believes in stimulating the senses of our audiences and engaging them in a  journey of discovery where the Egypt of the past meets the future, in all its tantalizing possibilities.” Karim Mekhtigian, Designer and Founder of Alchemy Design Studio

Tuesday 5th March, 2013Alchemy Design Studio, Egypt’s leading interior design house, is partnering with the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (D-CAF 2013) to deliver a state-of-the-art press centre to support the festival during its month-long program of arts events and performances. Alchemy will also support D-CAF on key branding assignments, helping the festival to articulate its essence across key branding elements throughout festival venues.  Established in 2001, by Egyptian designer Karim Mekhtigian, Alchemy Design Studio is Egypt’s leading interior design house that specializes in creating unique, and holistic, design solutions for a private residences, public spaces, large-scale corporate environments, trade fairs and exhibitions. The design studio is one of Egypt’s few product designers and has won several international awards, showing regularly at the world’s leading international design fairs. D-CAF is currently Egypt’s only independents arts and culture festival of its kind bringing Cairo audiences a rich program of independent arts, culture, music, film, theatre, dance and street performances, in a month long schedule of events that sees leading international performers and Egyptian artists collaborating in venues and outdoor spaces in the streets around Tahrir Square. Alchemy Design Studio was attracted to the prospect of working with D-CAF due to the natural ‘overlap’ in mission and artistic vision between the two organizations:

“D-CAF is all about street performance, theatre, dance – very real and passionate forms of human expression. There is an energy and an immediacy about D-CAF that seduced Alchemy into participation. As a design house, we too are enchanted by the energy of the street. For us, the street is a stage, an open and democratic platform through which the social, economic and political conditions of our country are being expressed in a raw, unmediated fashion. As a designer, I take my inspiration from this expression of living culture that always reflects where we are at, here and now, unpackaged and real.”

 Based in Cairo and operating around the world, Alchemy Design Studio has a mission to deliver cutting-edge contemporary design solutions, inspired by Egypt’s hidden treasures. The design studio aims to deliver a unique design approach that draws on Egypt’s rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship to create contemporary designs for clients in Egypt and around the world. Responding to the D-CAF brand, Alchemy Design Studio have created a design that complements the organic, individual nature of the festival: “not just a ready-made, one size fits all design, but capturing the essence of the festival, we are creating a design that invokes the energy of the independent arts scene, reflected in the design  For example, we are creating graphic designs, printed on rolls, like film, with graffiti art work that is inspired by the art of the street. The components of the design are created using products made locally, and used in everyday life, such as metal buckets transformed into lampshades. The result is an overall, holistic experience, for all the senses, in a space where the the functionality of each individual room is respected,” explains Mehktigian. Alchemy is regularly invited to collaborate with leading international designers, including Christophe Pillet and Fransesco Rota.  Projects delivered through such international design collaborations include the Sezz stool for the Sezz Hotel in Paris. Here too, Alchemy Design Studio saw clear areas of complementarity between their vision and that of the festival. D-CAF will this year feature more than 130 performers from around the world many coming to Egypt for the first time to deliver a range of contemporary dance, theatre and art performances. D-CAF encourages collaboration between these international household names and Egyptian performers across a series of productions, specially created for the festival. In the same way, explains Mekhtigian, Alchemy Design Studio is committed to creating a a design that encompasses the essence of Egypt and comfort of contemporary living:  “the spirit, or the heartbeat of the country, resonating in every line of sleek, cutting-edge designs that are timeless and limitless in possibility”. According to Ahmed Al Attar, Director of D-CAF 2013, this makes Alchemy Design Studio a natural partner for D-CAF:  ” We are extremely proud to have Alchemy Design Studio on board this year. They bring talent, creativity and individuality to a festival that embodies, and celebrates these values. Design is yet another art form, and a perfect complement to the independent performances that will take place throughout the month of April.For further information on D-CAF please visit: www.d-caf.orgTo contact a member of the D-CAF press team: For further information on Alchemy please visit: www.alchemy01.comTo read Karim Mekhtigian’s interview on the D-CAF blog visit: (xxxx) To contact a member of the Alchemy press team:

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