Divided into four sections, a living area, dining room, master bedroom and a semi-secluded kitchen, this 165-sqm loft is designed using clean lines and the art of layering with different elements which results in a dynamic simplicity; one that integrates cutting edge design with homely comfort.

A good space for casual entertainment, the living room features a large black leather sofa and two black leather/ wood chairs, these are accented with a colorful hand-woven oriental rug. The combination of styles adds warmth to this social area, which continues on to a large walnut and glass dining table selected to host extensive dinner parties. The kitchen, designed with a passion for cooking in mind, is heavenly. Clad in stainless steel elements, complete with a grill and state of the art appliances, it also enables the chef to interact with his guests by having only a sleek, minimal glass panel as a partition.

At the other end, the living room overlooks an enclosed outdoor area. The terrace consists of a vertical shaped garden filled with an assortment of plants. It has two relaxing lounge chairs facing the indoor portion and in the corner, there is a small bar accompanied by a barstool and highlighted with an oversized ceiling lamp suitable for a relaxing evening.

The final section of the house is the bedroom. The most noticeable thing upon entering this area is the greenery from outside and the small Buddha statue placed in its center. As well as an en suite bathroom, there are two sinks in the room paired with a full-length mirror placed in front of the bed. A translucent glass panel separates the shower and the bedroom while providing a glimpse of the small private garden.

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