While designing this City View Residence, Mohamed Fares wanted to create a modern villa with an open space concept integrating all the different living functions together into one interactive space.

As a start the sleek modern kitchen looks over the living room, which features some 70s inspired elements to give the modern space a more playful look.  Sheer curtains are used to divide the main living area from the rest of the house without affecting the simple layout. The cozy and relaxing environment faces a large window from one side and an enticing staircase from the other.

The staircase acts as a central masterpiece, with its architectural design. Encased in glass, the oversized structure quickly becomes the focus element into the whole house. As it extends vertically with its bold lines, the staircase is visible from all the different spaces in the home but also cuts into the open-space to subtly create an air of privacy.

On the other, the master bedroom is turned into a little retreat. The uncluttered design is cleverly mixed with an environment of relaxation and tranquility, which is achieved by softly diffusing light throughout the room for a Zen touch.

The overall color scheme of the house borrows earth tone colors that are featured into the selection of natural materials. The mix of browns and beiges is visible into the combination of wood floors, marble wall cladding and paint finish, which all help to create a certain synergy of simplicity and minimal design.

The overall unity of this home can be viewed through its composition of open spaces, tranquil and comforting environment, and use of glass that transports you in this free flowing yet private haven.

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