The trend in 2013 , as I see it , is back to basics and the essence of home living, the trend will take us to comfort , serenity , meditation which will move us to re evaluate our values and appreciation  towards nature, our consciousness and role as a part of the cycle of nature. In the last decade we got lost in restless times, the globalization has widened our exposure but with it caused an increased anxiety in our daily life style. Our home will be our safe haven , where we find the stability and serenity we need to balance the effects of the outside world.

The upcoming trends are developed by trend setters, these are people who observe the world with curious eyes.The have a fine sense for economic, social and demographic changes that impact directly our life styles . Our behavior is shaped by socio-political circumstances in the world and in Egypt . Often trendsetters have great knowledge in history and can reconnect certain styles, reinvent them to suit today’s requirement and taste. They work like anthropologists. 

Regarding the trend cycle, if you follow a trendsetter closely , we can see annual changes taking place, however, evolutionary changes in design take place every decade. Today we refer as the sixties or eighties style , they are our reference points in describing a specific epoch with a dominant theme. In the last two decades however, I would say that this cycle has been shortened to about 5 years. The speed of communication through such channels as the internet, the opening up of countries with different cultures and living styles have enriched us on the one hand, but also caused a kind of “design panic” 
The changes that have been taking place are too speedy and with it people are experiencing an overdose design stimulation . People need to center themselves again in the basic comfort of homes.When we observe human history , we see an ongoing upward trend but when we look closer at the trajectory we see amplitudes of time and the level of design absorption.

New design trends and solutions in Egypt just have done a “revolution”

The color pallet will be earth colors relating to nature’s expressions .

The sources of inspiration are definitely found in nature, history and the future. The vibrant exchange and interconnectedness between those elements allows us derive a reinvented style which includes ever changing interpretations of an over-riding design theme. Again, the huge access to infinite information from across the globe has allowed the influences of other cultures, in addition to the more”exposed” life style of people through traveling and other, has given an ever growing variety of new mixes in style.

The stylish prints : I would consider them to be graphic with definite optical ornaments and  patterns . 

What inspires me : LIFE

My sources of inspiration are cities , people , nature  , I look for details that grow into the “whole” . A place in Cairo that inspires me much is Share3 Muezz, populous areas like Sayeda Zeinab that are buzzing with street life. Internationally, I can point to two places that have really impacted me greatly which are Tokyo and Isseye. 

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