A film making student in New York

Being a  designer is constant work in progress. As an architect and designer one has   the privilege to discover the world of design and how it impacts the lives of people. Working with different spaces and volumes enables the designer to experiment and find the most integrated life style solutions for clients and enhance their lives.


Besides a variety of experiences with architecture and interior design for private and public spaces which shaped most of Mohamed Fares’ professional life , he also ventured into fashion design. He created his line of glasses which gave him  the opportunity to learn about designing a consumer product with a different grammar for dimension and form. 


His latest attempt to break the boundaries of his design profession  is film. The medium of film has fascinated him for many years and he finally found the opportunity to acquaint himself with it through the participation in a film making course at the New York Film Academy .


Being a designer means being in constant flux –  professional and personal evolution are quintessential to find deeper meanings  and translate them into our every day lives. 

Expanding means understanding further the essence of one’s limitless creativity.  

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Mohamed Fares Article in 7 Days Magazine

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“Mystic Escape”

On May 22, 2014, Alchemy once again teamed up with event planner byGanz and created a signature event for Phillip Morris called “Mystic Escapes” .


The event was hosted in the luscious gardens of the Manial Palace where an elegant fairy tale setting was created by Alchemy’s chief designer Mohamed Fares. Unique installations , innovative lighting as well as a perfect table setting created an exceptional atmosphere for the guests who complemented the place in beautiful evening clothes. 


The theme was called “Wanderland”  and depicted a journey into fantasy land  where familiar dimensions are turned upside down . Ueber -proportional design items from fairy tales were accompanied by contemporary music tunes; a stage that was dropped in the midst of giant trees whose beauty was lit up in a dramatic way. Reality and theatre danced next to one another  to take the guests to a mystic escape.


The smashing success of the first event has ignited all guests’ curiosity and the next one is expected with great anticipation. 

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NIWET…. THE CITY OF DESIGN (ASK MAGAZINE by Nader Ramadan — April 2014 Issue)

Niwet is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to innovative urban planning, being a project masterminded by design studio Alchemy. This town, expected to be located on a separate plot of land inside El Gouna, will be the number one hub for Egyptian designers, seeking to be primary center for design in Egypt and uniting all who practice the discipline. Featuring everything from cutting edge technology, to energy efficient practices and water recycling, this project is a huge step forward in urbanism and urban planning. ASK Magazine sits with Egyptian designer Karim Mekhtigian to discuss this new initiative.

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