The word Alchemy is derrived from Al-Kymia, Arabic for Chemistry, which in turn is derived from Kyme (Egypt), the black land. Alchemy is an esoteric art and science that had unmistakably originated in Egypt as it is etymologically evident from Kyme.

Founded in 1997 by Karim Mekhtigian, Alchemy Design Studio started out as an interior and product design office. A few years later

Building From The Inside Out

What is a building without its inside and what is the inside without its outside?! You can robably guess that this has to do with the Architecture and Interior Design Relationship.       The impact of how they relate to one another inseparably in terms of Architecture and Interior Design is something that I was privileged to chitchat about with Eng. Mohamed Fares, who has studied Engineering, and graduated from the Department of Architecture in 2000.

Two years after graduation he met Eng. Karim Mekhtegian with whom he worked for a while, at Mekhtegian’s establishment of Alchemy design studio, six months later he partnered with him and now they are leading Alchemy as their Design spot along with their third partner Rania Lotfy. From the day Fares graduated, his inspiration always came from the word “Design” as a whole which conceives his work as an architect, interior designer and product designer. There is no difference between architecture and interior design, its all about design and bringing out a product which is in a complete shape integrated in its complete aspects of design in the presence of synergy amongst the themes and concepts used.” Fares stated “it’s very important to be conscious about every aspect of the project and to relate it all together.”

A Design Message Introduced:


Fares believes that “every project has a story to tell” in the sense that each space that falls in his hands of design, doesn’t carry mere meanings of modern or classic design alone yet it becomes a combination of modern and neo classical where he adds a pinch of his classical touch but its far from being a traditional line, even if its weird at first for the client to taste it or imagine it. For the past five years, as important design figures who have been struggling in the interior design scenes as being encaged in certain old styles and old design standards in Egypt, it was very difficult for Fares to introduce the modernized shapes in the design scenes in Egypt. Now they have the opportunity to change that into more modern and contemporary design lines; as this message is moving towards architecture.                                                                                                            Fares and his partners are also on the move and in action to introduce a new language of esign and architecture in future projects that are conceived as a whole. There is an upcoming process of communicating what they are putting in theories to see live soon!         

 From The Inside Out:                                                                                                                                                     How do you want Architecture to change in Egypt?                                  “I want architecture to be free; I don’t want us to be constrained to certain styles anymore. Let’s move on from the over done Mediterranean style,” said Fares.