The word Alchemy is derrived from Al-Kymia, Arabic for Chemistry, which in turn is derived from Kyme (Egypt), the black land. Alchemy is an esoteric art and science that had unmistakably originated in Egypt as it is etymologically evident from Kyme.

Founded in 1997 by Karim Mekhtigian, Alchemy Design Studio started out as an interior and product design office. A few years later

Mohamed Fares Interview for El Beit

"Truth is yesterday's reflection in the mirror of time " 

I do not believe in trends as such but rather in style , a trend is limited in time period and then it vanishes while style lives on forever. 

I see that the designs are taking us back to reality, a more efficient and functional one that is coming out of a phase of turmoil . More cost efficient solutions will be sought to complement the designs here in Egypt.

The over riding motto is " less is more" 


As for the source of new trends, I would like to add a quote that inspired me greatly : 

"Visions come from a secret force you have yet to discover and they lead you onward into the periphery of promise " (Hajjar Gibran) . The NOW determines the trend that is a short interval in the life of style, it can be seen as the way we experience and live life in the NOW. Having said that , we cannot forget our past which serves as our very foundation and determines where we are standing today as a result of it. Various factors such as feelings , memories and gained experiences there of carry us to the NOW, which I see as the birth place of a trend , a short period within the life of a style. The past reflects our foundation in which we invested our knowledge and emotions which are interwoven in the fabric of our lives up to that point.

A trend is clearly associated with socio economic and political circumstances which are directly related to the geographic position. Hence, I do believe that we cannot apply any trend to any place in the world , certain characteriistics in life style  are based on different culture which determine its use and need for people. The global geography is related to the emergence of different trend in different parts of the world. 

Style however, is universally applicable and reaches far beyond architecture and interior design. Design/ style  are  a universal inspiration which can be found in fashion, gadgets , cars etc. 

The roots of any trend has its root in basics needed for life, and if those truly reflects the needs and percption of society, a trend becomes REAL. 

The trend cycle can be best demonstrated as a curve : The formula is as follows : IDEA _ EVOLUTION _ SATURATION. The period after the Saturation is reached is a very interesting phase as it invites to new and creative ideas.