The word Alchemy is derrived from Al-Kymia, Arabic for Chemistry, which in turn is derived from Kyme (Egypt), the black land. Alchemy is an esoteric art and science that had unmistakably originated in Egypt as it is etymologically evident from Kyme.

Founded in 1997 by Karim Mekhtigian, Alchemy Design Studio started out as an interior and product design office. A few years later

furniture design

Furniture Design

The latest trends from the international experts

2011 is just a month away, and with it will come a whole new outlook on furniture. With the opening of his third Alchemy location in Designopolis  in October, Kari m Mekhtigian is the founder of a truly international design showroom. Karim’s company, and it’s contributing designers offer a sneak-peak at the look for the new year.

Out with the neutral colors, in with the BOLD:

This is particularly true with couches in the new year. While beige and brown used to be the colors of choice for couch textiles, now new and loud colors are the in thing, Consider brilliant cherryred, or deep forest-green. A clean white accent is always a good compliment to these bright colors.

Go for simplicity:

With the international economy on a bit of a fritz, practical looks are the safe choice. But, just because something is simple, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! Current furniture is easily understood, with some simple styles coming back from earlier decades.

Who’s Who and What They Have to Say about What’s What:


Karim is not only the creator of Alchemy, he is also the primary designer for the brand. After growing up in Egypt, he spent 15 years in Paris where he studied design. He originally came back to Cairo for a project, but in 1997 he started Alchemy and he has stayed in Egypt ever since. As a founding member of the Egyptian Design Forum, Karim is passionate about creating a uniquely “Egyptian” variety of furniture design. What began as Alchemy Design Studio just thirteen years ago is now a three-part business including a design studio, a brand and a renowned showroom with furniture pieces in high-demand. Promoting design as a lifestyle, Karim and his two business partners and co-designers, Mohamed Fares and Rania Loutfi, have invited three designers to be permanent contributors to Alchemy’s display. Karim met each of these designers “on the same road”, explaining the similar mindset that each possesses regarding furniture design. “I became friends with them and then we started to work together because we believed in each other”. From the designers’ common belief has sprung a company with a unique flavor. Alchemy caters to those with a taste for something unique, not swayed by ever-changing “trends”. Instead of relying on the outside market, the designers pride themselves on their ability to create pieces that are inspired from within themselves.